Atlantis Announcement on KYC Verifications and Social Media Alerts
03-04-2022 15:25:51

As of Friday, March 4, 2022, Atlantis Exchange has completed a large number of users' KYC verifications. All the remaining and new requests will be properly verified ASAP on the basis of case by case.

Meanwhile, Atlantis Exchange is doing its best to ensure all users' fund security and privacy. Please be advised:

1) All the KYC verification requests are ONLY processed on Atlantis Exchange's official platform at: https://atlantiscex.com

2) If anyone asks you to provide your personal information for "speedup" of your KYC verification OUT of the official platform as specified in this Announcement, no matter it's from any Twitter account, or from any Telegram account, or from any website that has a different domain name from the official platform's domain name as specified in this Announcement, it's a 100% fraud and crime according to US law.

3) For any suspicious KYC-related "special service" provider, who contacts you via any social media, please SCREENSHOT it as evidence and report such evidence to Atlantis Exchange via its official email: info@AtlantisCoin.net

4) Atlantis Exchange's legal team is standing by to fight against any financial crimes related to its business and user's privacy.

Thank you for your support.