Atlantis Exchange Opens Free Trading of DOGE and Increases VIP & Whitelisted Members' Daily Withdrawal Limit of DOGE to $10,000,000 Each
01-15-2023 19:16:48

Effective immediately, Atlantis Exchange has opened the free trading of DOGE ("Dogecoin") for all members and increased its Daily Withdrawal Limit of DOGE to $10MM for any of the VIP and whitelisted Atlantis members on its Global platform at: https://atlantiscex.com

          1) Trading Fee:  0.00%. 

          2) Maximum Daily Withdrawal:  Up to $10,000,000 in DOGE.

All the DOGE miners, holders and interested parties are welcome to trade on Atlantis Exchange - Global and enjoy ZERO-fee trading based on 24/7/365.


          1) Newly-registered members and existing members with verified referrals may be qualified for up to $1,500 rewards EACH.

          3) The unique functions and complete risk management of Atlantis Exchange will ensure all parties' best interests all the time.


About DOGE:

DOGE, symbol of Dogecoin, is based on the popular "doge" Internet meme and features a Shiba Inu on its logo. It is primarily used as a investment vehicle on Atlantis Exchange - Global.

About Atlantis Exchange:

With a Vision of "We see a world where MORE THAN 3 billion people will use crypto in 5 years", Atlantis Exchange is ONE of the FEW newly-developed innovative and disruptive trading platforms lawfully-registered with the U.S. department of the Treasury and the United Nations. It is designed to systematically resolve the 5 pain points in the crypto world. It has 8 UNIQUE internal functions that other crypto exchanges do not have. Such functions will provide its members with profound protections against various risks to lose money. Accordingly, all members may maximize their profits by working on Atlantis Exchange everyday. 

For information on its global ranking amount all the websites in the world, see: https://www.similarweb.com/website/atlantiscex.com/#overview