American Coin Migration Announcement
06-13-2022 22:14:02

This is to announce that American Coin ("AC") contract has migrated to the new BSC address at: 0x9184ad62cD3035b04f82C0D88A5cD54d39f66bC3

Please be advised:

1) The latest market prices of the improved new AC are between US$3.91 and US$12.52 / AC at PancakeSWAP. For updated AC prices on blockchain, see URL: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x9184ad62cd3035b04f82c0d88a5cd54d39f66bc3

2) All the current AC holders are required to transfer your old AC to Atlantis Exchange by June 30, 2022 to exchange the improved new AC at the rate of 1:1. Official Atlantis website to deposit old AC: https://trade.atlantiscex.com/login

3) Every AC holder is assured to receive the SAME AMOUNT of the improved new AC as the amount of the old AC you deposited into your Atlantis Exchange account.

4) Trading of old AC will be terminated from all the listed exchanges after the old AC's deposit deadline.

5) The improved new AC contract provides AC holders with more features to maximize profits and fund security.

6) All the holders of the improved new AC may enjoy 0.05% passive earnings from each on-chain transaction of AC.

7) Withdrawals of the improved new AC from Atlantis Exchange to cold wallets and other crypto exchanges will be opened to all AC holders in 30 days after the old AC's deposit deadline.

In order to avoid any potential loss during the transition, you are highly recommended to transfer your old AC from your cold wallet and/or other exchanges to Atlantis Exchange as soon as possible.

The sooner, the better.

Thank you for your understanding and support.