Binance Smart Chain Updates the Migrated American Coin
01-12-2023 17:56:59

Binance Smart Chain has updated the migrated AC (symbol of American Coin) at: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9184ad62cD3035b04f82C0D88A5cD54d39f66bC3

The migrated AC is summarized as follows:

1)  Maximum Supply:    50,000,000,000,000 AC
2)  Long-term Locked Supply: 49,850,000,000,000 AC
3)  Circulating Supply:    150,000,000,000 AC
4)  Contract Address:    0x9184ad62cD3035b04f82C0D88A5cD54d39f66bC3
5)  Decimals:        2

Currently, millions of migrated AC holders are off-chain. All the AC holders will respectively be reflected on Binance Smart Chain whenever the migrated AC is withdrawn from Atlantis Exchange - Global at: https://atlantiscex.com

About AC:

AC, symbol of American Coin, is a GREEN and high-speed utility cryptocurrency designed for commercial & cross-border payment purposes and originally launched in May 2021. It was migrated to this new contract address in Fall 2022.

About Atlantis Exchange:

With a Vision of "We see a world where MORE THAN 3 billion people will use crypto in 5 years", Atlantis Exchange is ONE of the FEW newly-developed innovative and disruptive trading platforms lawfully-registered with the U.S. department of the Treasury and the United Nations. It is designed to systematically resolve the 5 pain points in the crypto world. It has 8 UNIQUE internal functions that other crypto exchanges do not have. Such functions will provide its members with profound protections against various risks to lose money. Accordingly, all members may maximize their profits by working on Atlantis Exchange everyday. 

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