DAO Maker ($DAO) Listed on Atlantis Exchange💥
01-08-2024 05:17:43

✅ Get funds READY NOW.

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✅ Basic information:

1)  Trading Pair:  DAO / USDB

2)  Trading URL:  https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/DAO_USDB

3)  Contract Address:

     💥 ERC-20 Contract:    0x0f51bb10119727a7e5eA3538074fb341F56B09Ad

     💥 BEP-20 Contract:    0x4d2d32d8652058Bf98c772953E1Df5c5c85D9F45

4)  Standard/s: 
     💥 BEP-20
     💥 ERC-20

5)  Trading Fee:  0.2%

6)  Trading Start: 01/06/2023, 6:00 AM UTC

7) Deposit:  Opened.

        📌 Important Notes:

✅  DAO Maker ($DAO) is the native token for the platform DAO Maker, which creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors. For more information, see: @daomaker

✅  Atlantis Exchange - Global is the FIRST disruptive international exchange with next-gen FinTech solutions. It's lawfully registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations. Explore more at:  https://AtlantisCEX.com