Listing Status

As a US-based cryptocurrency exchange with licenses issued by State Government and U.S. Department of Treasury, Atlantis Exchange is the easiest to use and securest cryptocurrency exchange that provides global users with the latest-developed secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Currently, the following cryptocurrencies are officially listed for trading on Atlantis Exchange:

        1) American Coin, symbol: AC.

        2) Binance Coin, symbol: BNB.

        3) Bitcoin, symbol: BTC.

        4) Doge Coin, symbol: DOGE.

        5) Ethereum, symbol: ETH.

        6) TRX, symbol: Tron.

        7) USD Coin, symbol: USDC.

        8) Tether, symbol: USDT.

Any cryptocurrency with 100,000+ global holders are welcome to apply for listing.

In case you are a cryptocurrency manager and you are interested in listing your coin/token on Atlantis Exchange, please feel free to summit your Listing Application through this website/APP.