VIP Membership Opportunities

Following a series of comprehensive upgrades, Atlantis Exchange - Global has boasted a robust community of millions of registered members and will be emerged as the world's most secure crypto and NFT trading platform in the following weeks. 

Recognized Excellence: In July 2022, Atlantis Exchange – Global's website achieved remarkable distinction, outperforming 95% of all cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Notably, it secured the impressive rank of #23,709 among all websites globally, affirming its superiority in the digital landscape.

Elevating Trading to Unprecedented Heights: Now, millions of Atlantis Exchange members have the strategic opportunity to optimize their trading experience. 

By subscribing to any of the FOUR (4) VIP Memberships, traders can access LOWER or ZERO trading costs, unlocking the potential for MAXIMIZED profits. These VIP Memberships seamlessly integrate elite benefits with the existing advantages of Atlantis Exchange Regular Membership, all without the requirement of an immediate large trading volume.

Positioned for a groundbreaking takeoff, Atlantis Exchange - Global is slated to commence full operations in Quarter 1, 2024.

Choose wisdom, choose Atlantis Exchange - Global, where security, excellence, and profit optimization converge for an unparalleled trading journey. 

Especially, Atlantis VIP Members may enjoy the following dedicated benefits:

        1)    An Atlantis NFT as the one-time welcome gift, which value is 0.25 ETH or up, will respectively be given to the First 100 Subscribers ONLY;

        2)    Up to 100% Permanent Discount for trading fees of all the listed coins and tokens;

        3)    Up to 55.50% Trading Fee Rewards based on any of his/her Downlines' trades; and 

        4)    More!

The VIP memberships are available in 4 levels to choose:

VIP Duration

Subscribed VIP Memberships are active PERMANENTLY.

Discounts in Trading Fees

Atlantis VIP L-1:       Up to 10%

Atlantis VIP L-2:      Up to 25%

Atlantis VIP L-3:      Up to 50%

Atlantis VIP L-4:      100%

Subscription Fees

Atlantis VIP L-1:       Have paid 10 ETH Subscription Fee

                                     Or:  Have held at least 50 Atlantis Media Lab created NFTs for more than 120 days
                                     Atlantis NFT URL:

Atlantis VIP L-2:      Have paid 15 ETH Subscription Fee

                                     Or:  Have have held at least 75 Atlantis Media Lab created NFTs for more than 120 days
                                     Atlantis NFT URL:

Atlantis VIP L-3:      Have paid 25 ETH Subscription Fee

                                     Or:  Have have held at least 125 Atlantis Media Lab created NFTs for more than 120 days
                                      Atlantis NFT URL:

Atlantis VIP L-4:      Have paid 100 ETH Subscription Fee

                                     Or:  Have have held at least 500 Atlantis Media Lab created NFTs for more than 120 days
                                     Atlantis NFT URL:

Payment Currency

ETH only.

Payment Address:(ERC-20 & BEP-20)

Subscription Fees shall be PAID to the following wallet address ONLY:


Payment Confirmation

Subscribers shall email your payment transaction ID, Atlantis Exchange ID number and registered email address to Atlantis Exchange's following email address for payment confirmation:

As soon as your payment is confirmed by Atlantis Exchange via email, your Atlantis Exchange account/s will be upgraded to the paid VIP Level PERMANENTLY.

Refund Policy

The VIP Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable


All paid VIP Members are qualified VIP benefits on both of Atlantis Exchange's following platforms:

        Atlantis - Global:
        Atlantis - US:  

Who May Subscribe

        All registered members