Updated Schedules on Bonus and Rewards
12-20-2021 16:44:31

Due to rapid increase of new registrations worldwide, Atlantis Exchange hereby announces the following new schedules on bonus and rewards:

1) Registration Bonus:                  100 AC.

2) Referral Rewards L-1:              100 AC.

3) Referral Rewards L-2:             30 AC.

4) Referral Rewards L-3:             10 AC.

5) Trading Fee Rewards L-1:       20%

6) Trading Fee Rewards L-2:      8%

7) Trading Fee Rewards L-3:       2%

The above schedules will take effect at 12:00 am, Friday, December 24, 2021, U.S. Pacific Time and keep valid until further announcement.

All the above-listed bonus and rewards are instantly credited to your wallet on its official website: https://atlantiscex.com

Atlantis Exchange appreciates your strong support and will continue the rewards for your hard work on a long-term basis.