Atlantis Exchange Unleashes Withdrawals for 120 Cryptos 💥
12-14-2023 03:40:18

Effective immediately, Exchange now opens withdrawals for 120 cryptocurrencies, covering an impressive 89.55% of our portfolio, including recent additions, in addition to $USDB and $CUC.

️ KYC-verified members, it's your time to shine! Enjoy the freedom of withdrawing your digital assets. 

️ ERC-20 and BEP-20 crypto  enthusiasts, ensure your Atlantis wallet has sufficient $BNB or $ETH for seamless withdrawals.

️ Mark your calendars: Full Atlantis Exchange functionalities unlock in Quarter 1, 2024, with exciting upgrades coming soon.

Your support propels us forward! Dive into enhanced withdrawal capabilities now live on Atlantis Exchange. Your crypto journey is about to get even more thrilling!