Introducing BRICS Coin ($BC) Airdrop Rewards!
11-20-2023 01:53:22

                              URL to Buy:  https://AtlantisCEX.com/ieo

Hello, BRICS Coin investors and airdrop hunters,

Join our #Airdrop Program and reap rewards for your unwavering support!

The "Presale with 50 Trillion Airdrop: BRICS Coin (BC)" events on Atlantis Launchpad saw an incredible response.

To ensure fairness, we will present $BC airdrop rewards in three levels, each with remarkable perks:

 Level A:  Get a share of 40 trillion $BC by participating with a minimum of $10,000 in the $BC Presale.

 Level B:  Secure your chance at 9 trillion $BC by contributing at least $1,000 during the $BC Presale.

⭐ Level C:  Experience the excitement with 1 trillion $BC, available through a minimum $5 contribution in the $BC Presale.


1️⃣ The winners of each of the above levels will be randomly picked up among the eligible Presale Participants only.

2️⃣ Airdrop will be conducted after the $BC Presale events are completed. 

✅️ URL to participate in the Presale and Airdrop event: 

Thank you for standing by us – exciting times ahead!