BRICS Coin Airdrop Bonanza: Last Chance to Secure Your Share Now!
12-27-2023 21:07:47

Dear BRICS Coin Investors,

We are thrilled to announce that the BRICS Coin ($BC) Presale is nearing completion, and we appreciate your unwavering support. Following the conclusion of the Presale, a series of airdrops will be initiated.

As outlined in our schedule, three distinct levels of airdrops await our valued investors:

🔹 Level A: Seize a share of 40 trillion $BC by actively participating with a minimum investment of $10,000 USDT in the $BC Presale.

🔹 Level B: Secure your opportunity to receive 9 trillion $BC by contributing a minimum of $1,000 USDT during the $BC Presale.

🔹 Level C: Immerse yourself in the excitement with 1 trillion $BC, attainable through a modest $5 USDT contribution in the $BC Presale.

For comprehensive details, please refer to "How to Receive BRICS Coin ($BC) Airdrop Rewards?" at: https://atlantiscex.com/listannounce/253

We kindly urge you to review your records promptly to confirm your eligibility for the most lucrative level of airdrop rewards. If you find that you may not currently qualify for your desired level, consider taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements for optimal participation.

Thank you for being a part of the BRICS Coin community, and we look forward to rewarding your loyalty.

Best Regards,

Atlantis Launchpad Team