Atlantis Exchange - Global to Start Full Operations with BUSD as Default Payment Currency
10-19-2022 18:24:36

Atlantis Exchange is pleased to announce that its global trading platform of https://atlantiscex.com will officially start full operations on or before Sunday, October 23, 2022. 

Atlantis Exchange - Global provides members with the following markets and trading services on the basis of 24/7/365:

              1)    Listed 76 most popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies;
              2)    146 trading pairs;
              3)    5 most popular blockchains.

Due to compliance issues, Atlantis Exchange – Global chooses NOT to use USDT as a payment currency. Instead, the standard PAYMENT CURRENCIES for trading throughout this platform are the following:

              1)    BUSD;
              2)    USD; and
              3)    USDC.

Each of the Atlantis members shall deposit at least $30 in any of the above-listed PAYMENT CURRENCIES to start trading on Atlantis Exchange – Global.

Meanwhile, the standard WITHDRAWAL FEE CURRENCIES for any withdrawal of the coins and tokens listed on Atlantis Exchange – Global are the following ONLY:

              1)    BNB    – For BEP-20 tokens
              2)    ETH     – For ERC-20 tokens
              3)    TRX     – For TRC-20 tokens
              4)    DOGE     – For Dogecoin
              5)    BTC     – For Bitcoin

Each of the Atlantis members shall deposit at least $30 in any of the above-listed WITHDRAWAL FEE CURRENCIES to cover withdrawal fees on Atlantis Exchange – Global.

In case you don't have the needed PAYMENT CURRENCIES or WITHDRAWAL FEE CURRENCIES, you may purchase the needed from Atlantis Exchange through the following links, whichever is workable for you:

              1)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/BNB_BUSD
              2)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/BNB_USDC
              3)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/ETH_BUSD
              4)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/ETH_USDC
              5)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/TRX_BUSD
              6)    https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/TRX_USDC

The vision of Atlantis Exchange: We see a world where MORE THAN 3 billion people will use crypto in 5 years!

The market of Atlantis Exchange – Global is oriented to the following:

              1)    Web3 Blockchain Technology;
              2)    Profit First;
              3)    Performance First;
              4)    Safety First;
              5)    Regulatory; and
              6)    Compliance First.

The customers of Atlantis Exchange – Global are oriented to the following:

              1)    Individuals;
              2)    Financial Institutions;
              3)    Multinational Enterprises;
              4)    Cross-Border Ecommerce;
              5)    Entertainment Companies;
              6)    Hospitality; and
              7)    Retailers.

The complete ecosystem of Atlantis Exchange – Global consists of the following:

              1)    Hot wallets for all listed cryptocurrencies;
              2)    Crypto Liquidity Pool Program;
              3)    Referral Reward Program;
              4)    Registration Bonus Program;
              5)    Crypto Lending Program;
              6)    Bank and Credit Card Processing Program; 
              7)    VIP Membership Program; and
              8)    Business Partnership Program.

The use cases of Atlantis Exchange – Global are focused on the following:

1)    Personal Use
              a)    Individual crypto lovers, holders and traders
              b)    Artists
              c)    Developers

2)    Commercial Use
              a)    Banks
              b)    Fintech Companies
              c)    Credit Unions
              d)    Entertainment
              e)    Hospitality
              f)    Metaverse
              g)    Retailers

The Complete Risk Management Program of Atlantis Exchange – Global covers the following 6 types of risks for its operations, which may possibly occur from time to time:

              1)    Regulatory Risk;
              2)    Technology Risk;
              3)    Funds & Liquidity Risk;
              4)    Data Risk;
              5)    Transactions Risk; and
              6)    Market Risk.

As a lawful exchange in compliance with federal regulations, Atlantis Exchange – Global has systematically resolved the following pain points in the crypto world:

              1)    Rug pulls;
              2)    Persistent dumping;
              3)    Crypto hacking;
              4)    Cryptocurrency price's high volatility; and
              5)    Regulatory challenges.

In comparison with other crypto exchanges in the world, millions of existing Atlantis members will be able to enjoy making money based on 24/7/365 through the disruptive Atlantis Exchange without worrying about fund loss because it provides members with 8 UNIQUE FUNCTIONS that almost all other crypto exchanges do NOT have, which definitely ensures all the members to maximize their profits and minimize their risk to lose.

Based on its disruptive innovations, Atlantis Exchange – Global has been listed as one of the following best startups:

              1)    36 Most Innovative Blockchain Startups & Companies (Seattle); and
              2)    101 Best Washington Apps Companies and Startups.

BETTER platform... GREATER opportunities! 

All new and current Atlantis members may feel free to start depositing, trading and withdrawing the listed cryptocurrencies at: https://trade.atlantiscex.com

Again, safety first! Prior to this Announcement, Atlantis Exchange - Global has completed a numbers of critical upgrades to strengthen its safety measures to protect all members' privacy, data and funds from crypto hackers.

                            ***** About *****

As a professional platform registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations, Atlantis Exchange is a blockchain-based, high-tech and high-speed cross-chain platform that allows MILLIONS of global users to easily buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrencies and fiat money based on its secured website and dApp. Any of its activities are in compliance with the U.S. law. 

To date, Atlantis Exchange's Facebook page is ranked # 3 among all the cryptocurrency exchanges' official pages throughout the Facebook platform. 

For more information, see the following:

              1) Global Platform:        https://trade.atlantiscex.com
              2) US Platform:        https://atlantiscex.us
              3) Facebook Page:        https://www.facebook.com/AtlantisCEX
              4) Facebook Group:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/atlantiscex
              5) Twitter:         https://twitter.com/AtlantisCEX
              6) Telegram Channel:    https://t.me/AtlantisCEX