📣 Notice: Important Updates on Atlantis Exchange 💥🚀👏
04-13-2024 06:03:41

1️⃣  Listed Cryptocurrencies: We currently offer 213 cryptocurrencies, with withdrawals now open for 150, including popular options like BC, wETF, aBTC, and AC3, for all KYC-verified members.

2️⃣  Covered Blockchains: Our platform supports transactions on 8 blockchains.

3️⃣  Listed Fiat Currencies: Atlantis currently supports 8 fiat currencies, with plans to enable trading in the near future.

Looking ahead to Quarter 2, 2024, we aim to achieve the following milestones🗿:

▶️  Enhancing Security and Compliance: We're committed to completing development and upgrades to further bolster fund security and regulatory compliance.

▶️  Improving Rewards System: We're enhancing trading and referral rewards to maximize benefits for all members participating in daily activities and events.

▶️  Increasing Trading Volume: Our goal is to realize a 24-hour trading volume of at least $100 million daily.

▶️  Expand Solana-Based Tokens: We'll list at least 50 of the best Solana-based tokens on our platform.

▶️  Additional Blockchain Integration: We're set to integrate two additional blockchains, broadening our coverage.

✅️ Remember, the more active you are on Atlantis Exchange, the more earnings you'll make. 🎁

✅️ Patience is the key to success, and active participation is the key to wealth. 💵💷💶💰

👉 Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and improve our platform for our valued members.