📣 Notice: Trading of ETH, PYUSD, and USDT to Be Resumed in 2 Days, Criminal Suspects to Be Reported to Authorities! 🚨
05-06-2024 21:54:42

During the trading suspension of ETH, PYUSD, and USDT, the following members have been identified with intentional, repeated, and fraudulent activities, seriously violating US laws and Atlantis policies on a continuous basis:

1)    B004103611493
2)    B004103614331
3)    B004102630821
4)    B004102632660
5)    B004102595475
6)    B004103614102
7)    B004103614166
8)    B004103611702
9)    B004102631103
10)    B004103611643
11)    B004101436371
12)    B004102906268
13)    B004103615524
14)    B004103612807
15)    B004103611620
16)    B004103613979
17)    B004103414383
18)    B004102198756
19)    B004103611660
20)    B004102850143
21)    B004102883148
22)    B004103610820
23)    B004102611770
24)    B004102740566
25)    B004102898152
26)    B004102850089
27)    B004102402640
28)    B004102882494
29)    B004103411111
30)    B004103411506
31)    B004103608655
32)    B004103608797
33)    B004103608941
34)    B004103608992
35)    B004103610072
36)    B004103611520
37)    B004103614331

As a lawful crypto exchange in the United States of America, while we suspend the trading rights of the above-listed members, their criminal activities will be reported to US authorities as required by law. They shall be fully responsible for their financial crimes if law enforcement takes actions against them.

Please be advised of the following:

1)    All Atlantis members are required to refrain from engaging in any illegal activities while using Atlantis Exchange. Please only utilize funds that lawfully belong to you and/or have been earned legally. 👍

2)    Atlantis Exchange's AI and machine-learning based multi-layer safeguard system effectively works all the time, and any kind of fraudulent activities have entirely been prevented. Not a cent has ever been stolen by any criminal anywhere, anytime so far.

3)    All Atlantis members' lawful funds are SAFU.

4)    Trading of ETH, PYUSD, and USDT will be resumed in the following 2 days.

5)    The withdrawal system has been updated. Approximate 230 cryptos, including Solana, AC3, and aBTC, BC, wETF, etc., have been or will be opened.

If you haven't started trading or withdrawing so far, try it now.

Thank you for your understanding and support. 🙏