Atlantis VIP Membership Opportunities
09-27-2022 01:28:02

Atlantis Exchange - US has been opened for cryptocurrency transactions, including depositing, trading and withdrawing, since September 2022. Atlantis Exchange - Global is scheduled to start full operations with unique functions and services in October 2022.

As of July 2022, Atlantis Exchange – Global website, which performance is BETTER than 95% of all the cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been ranked as # 23,709 by Similarweb among all the websites worldwide. See URL: https://www.similarweb.com/website/atlantiscex.com

NOW, any Atlantis Exchange member may choose to trade cryptocurrencies at LOWER costs and realize MAXIMIZED profits by SUBSCRIBING to any of its three (3) VIP Memberships, which combines all the benefits of Atlantis Exchange Regular Membership with additional elite benefits exclusive to VIP members, WITHOUT immediate large trading volume or a qualified deposit of USDC.

Subscribed VIP Members may enjoy the following dedicated benefits:

            1) A one-time welcome gift, which value is up to US$1,000.00, will be given to the First 1,000 Subscribers ONLY;
            2) Up to 50% Permanent Discount for trading fees of all the listed coins and tokens;
            3) 20% Trading Fee Rewards based on each of his/her Downlines' trades; and
            4) More!

The VIP memberships are available in 3 levels to choose:

VIP Duration:           Subscribed VIP Memberships are active PERMANENTLY.

Discounts in Trading Fees:

                                    Atlantis VIP L-1:  Up to 10%
                                    Atlantis VIP L-2:  Up to 25%
                                    Atlantis VIP L-3:  Up to 50%

Subscription Fees:

                                    Atlantis VIP L-1:  4,000 BUSD / USDC
                                    Atlantis VIP L-2:  5,000 BUSD / USDC
                                    Atlantis VIP L-3:  15,000 BUSD / USDC

Payment Currency:   Subscribers may pay the Subscription Fees in any of the following-specified stable coins  (ERC-20 or BEP-20) ONLY:

                                    1) BUSD
                                    2) USDC

Payment Address:     Subscription Fees shall be PAID to the following wallet address ONLY:


Payment Confirmation:

Subscribers shall email your payment transaction ID, Atlantis Exchange ID number and registered email address to Atlantis Exchange's following email address for payment confirmation:


As soon as your payment is confirmed by Atlantis Exchange via email, your Atlantis Exchange account/s will be upgraded to the paid VIP Level PERMANENTLY.

Refund Policy:           The VIP Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Designation:              All paid VIP Members are qualified VIP benefits on both of Atlantis Exchange's following platforms:

                                    1)  Atlantis - Global:   https://atlantiscex.com
                                    2)  Atlantis - US:        https://atlantiscex.us

Who May Subscribe: All registered members