Notice: Withdrawal of ERC-20 $ILUC Now Open!
01-16-2024 11:09:14

Attention, #ILoveYouCoin Community,

We're excited to announce that the withdrawal of ERC-20 $ILUC is now available on Atlantis Exchange!

If you plan to trade ERC-20 ILUS on other exchange/s, it's crucial to initiate the withdrawal of ERC-20 $ILUC from Atlantis Exchange ASAP. 

Please note:

1️⃣ Network fees must be paid in ETH. Ensure you have sufficient ETH in your Atlantis wallet before initiating any ERC-20 $ILUC withdrawal.

2️⃣ Act promptly to secure your transactions on other exchange/s, which may be available without prior notice. 

3️⃣ Meanwhile, withdrawal of BEP-20 $ILUC is temporarily closed, and no BEP-20 $ILUC withdrawal will be processed by Atlantis Exchange until further notice.

Check and try the ILUC withdrawal process now. Your seamless trading experience is our priority.

Thank you for your ongoing support!