Fairness and Equal Opportunity: Important Update from Atlantis Exchange 🌏🌏🌏
08-20-2023 08:22:49

As a lawfully registered and operated cryptocurrency platform, our commitment to fairness and equal opportunity remains unwavering at Atlantis Exchange. Our mission is to provide a secure platform for cryptocurrency trading that operates within legal boundaries.

Our diligent AI and ML systems recently identified certain new member accounts engaged in illegal activities. These actions not only undermine our community's welfare but also violate our "Terms of Use" (URL: https://atlantiscex.com/terms).

Preserving your funds and upholding lawful trading are paramount. It is imperative that each member employs only legally acquired and deposited funds for trading. The use of unlawfully acquired funds and unlawfully using lawfully-acquired funds are both strictly prohibited.

In alignment with these principles, we have temporarily frozen the implicated accounts for approximately 7 days to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Any trades or profits associated with these violations will be nullified.

New accounts discovered with similar violations will also undergo temporary freezes, followed by appropriate actions.

Atlantis Exchange is steadfast in ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all members. Our commitment rests on treating each member fairly.

We extend our gratitude for your unwavering support and understanding.

Together, let's pursue financial growth within the bounds of legality.