📣 PONKE Opens New Trading Pair on Atlantis Exchange 💥
04-30-2024 01:50:55

✅ Get funds READY NOW.

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✅ Basic information:

1)  Trading Pair:  PONKE / USDB

2)  Trading URL:  https://trade.atlantiscex.com/trades/PONKE_USDB

3)  C/A: 5z3EqYQo9HiCEs3R84RCDMu2n7anpDMxRhdK8PSWmrRC

4)  Standard: SOL

5)  Trading Start: 05/01/2024, 5:00 AM UTC

        📌 Important Notes:

✅  Based on Solana Blockchain, $PONKE is a memecoin on a monkey, a degenerate gambler with a lot of friends. For more information, please visit Twitter: @ponkesol

✅  Atlantis Exchange is the FIRST disruptive international exchange with next-gen FinTech solutions. It's lawfully registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations. Explore more at:  https://AtlantisCEX.com