Account Manager for VIP Members

Worldwide: onsite or remote.

We are looking for a number of experienced professionals from the crypto industry to provide leadership to the sales and key account management processes and support the growth of the function.

This role will leverage relationship development and account management skill, process creation and management ability in order to educate, introduce and inspire new investment into the world of cryptocurrency from major institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals from a global market. 


1)    Serving as the primary point of contact for a portfolio of major institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals.
2)    Developing trust relationships and locate growth opportunities for cross selling.
3)    Expanding the relationships with existing customers by sustained communication, understanding of their needs.
4)    Building key customer service processes and systems, formulating management rules, and tracking the status of key customers.
5)    Analysis of user behavior, finding hidden needs, writing key customer analysis reports, and communicating with various departments to provide optimal key customer service solutions.

Preferred Qualification

1)    At least 5 years working experience in account management / sales function from financial / trading institutions.
2)    Product knowledge from working in exchange or investment broker or banks.
3)    Strong client management skills, including, but not limited to, maintaining strong relationships, organizing client profile and incentive client business activities, etc.
4)    Strong communication skills, ability to be flexible in a variety of situations.
5)    Ability to work under pressure.
6)    Passionate about crypto and industry experience.
7)    Proficiency in English / Chinese / Spanish is a must.
8)    Multilingual proficiency will be preferred.

Personal Physical / Mental Requirements

1)    Uses a computer and work at a desk approximately 6-8 hours per day.
2)    Perform with frequent interruptions and/or distractions.
3)    Perform effectively under conditions of fluctuating workload.
4)    Uses telephone and email to communicate with institutional members, management, and co-workers, approximately 2 hours per day.

How to Apply

This position will remain open until filled.

To Apply:  

1) Please email your resume to:

2) Email Subject Line:  Accounts Payable Specialist

Atlantis Exchange is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It provides equal opportunity to qualified persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or other categories protected by law.


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